"Take Heart! Despite lockdowns and isolation somehow IWOG members (that's YOU!) still find ways of giving to those in need. BRAVO!"

Diana Haldsworth, March 2022

Since the organization was established in 1948, our members have provided support for thousands of people in crisis starting with informal nursing assistance for wartime orphans and providing visits and gifts to destitute elderly people.

Over the years we have changed to meet the needs of the times. This has mostly meant providing essential equipment and other items for charities, as well as financial donations, and a number of grants for Greek students.

More recently our work has involved an emergency network to help members and other people in crisis. We collect clothing, bedding and food stuff which are donated to refugees and others in need.

We welcome your ideas and any time you can give however little this might be. If you know someone who is in desperate need of help in Thessaloniki or you have recognised a genuine cause, you can contact us and we will try our best to help.

A list of some organisations, institutions & charities that IWOG supports

(Please feel free to suggest a worthy cause for IWOG to support )

  • The Salvation Army

  • Ελληνική Οργάνωση Πρόνοιας & Ισότητας – ΠΝΟΗ ΕΛΠΙΔΑΣ

  • Agios Panteleimon’s Old People’s Home

  • Merimna Pontion Kyrion (Diamantideio Stegi) Old People’s Home

  • Harisio Old People’s Home (Ano Toumpa)

  • Anatolia College

  • American Farm School

  • Asylo tou Pediou

  • Breath of Hope | Πνοή Ελπίδας

  • Arsis

  • Doctors of the World

  • Doctors without Borders

  • Friends of Down Syndrome

  • Krikos Zois ( Association of Patients and Friends of Hereditary Metabolic Diseases)

  • Psychiatric hospital Day Care Centre – Pixida

  • The Children’s Village in Filiron (through IWOG’s participation in the Food for Good Festival)

  • Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia

  • Drasi gia to Kati Allo centre for children with special needs

  • Axtida – parents and friends of autistic children

  • Sisters of Mercy

  • Syzoi - Συζωή

  • Friends of the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki

  • International Organization for Migration Shelter

fund raising through:

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Your membership dues are used as donations for the causes IWOG supports.


Our raffles are one of our main fundraising activities at all our events.

We have basically two types:

1. Grand Raffles

These are held at special IWOG events such as Xmas Bazaar, Fiesta and June Luncheon. The price of these tickets is usually 3 Euros each and 2 tickets for five Euros but this is variable and prices are decided closer to the day. The prizes for these raffles are somewhat grand and we rely on donations of items from our sponsors, retail outlets in Thessaloniki or by members. This means that all the money raised from the raffles goes to charities and nothing is spent on expenses.

2. In House Raffles

These are held during our monthly meetings. Tickets cost only one euro each. Prizes are mostly provided by members offering unwanted birthday, nameday, Xmas and Easter gifts etc. although some of our sponsors also provide small gifts. Please bring items suitable for our raffle prizes to the monthly meetings. Alternatively, contact a Board member if you would like to donate items you are unable to bring to the meetings.

Sponsors and others keen to offer items for either type of raffle may call Diana, IWOG Raffle Organiser: call +306945507588 or e-mail: ntiane@otenet.gr or contact any Board member.

We welcome all donations!

Thank you

The Sisters of Mercy need women's sanitary products. If you remember, please bring just one small packet to our next meeting and collectively we would solve their immediate needs! Also some adult nappies would also be appreciated.

You can bring your donations to our meeting. All collected items will be transfered by the IWOG board.

past Fund raising events

6th YMCA

Food Bank

December 2022

A Taste of Christmas

November 2022

A Taste of Christmas

December 2016


September 2014

Xmas Bazaar

December 2013