International Women's Organization of Greece,
is an organization whose purpose is to welcome newcomers to Thessaloniki,

and help those who are in need. 



May meeting

Wednesday 10th May 2023, 10am-12noon

🧭  Boy Scouts Meeting Hall (Vasileos Georgiou A1)  🧭 

☕ Join us on Wednesday 10th, at the Boy Scouts Meeting Hall (Vasileos Georgiou A1)  🧭downtown Thessaloniki🧭  to hear from ⭐ Shirley Lightfoot Milojevic⭐ former president of IWOG in Paris, about her very interesting life. She spent her adult life living between Paris and Serbia, while traveling widely. She moved to Thessaloniki in 2021 and she is learning Greek to add to the 3 other languages she already speaks!

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May 2023
President's Message

Χριστός Ανέστη dear friends,

I would like to thank you all for attending our mini Easter bazaar and especially for your generous contributions of shoes and socks, which were so deeply appreciated by the young unaccompanied refugee minors. Also, many thanks to our energetic Diane Holdsworth for a wonderful Easter raffle.

Our May meeting will be held at the Boy Scouts venue at the very end of Vasileos Georgiou just next to the Thessaloniki town hall, where there is plenty of parking in the basement.

We look forward to hearing from our very own Shirley Lightfoot Milojevic and her adventures throughout life. We will also be remembering our beloved, Vasso Chris, who passed away 10 years ago in May, and was a stalwart supporter of IWOG.

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