October 2011 Coffee meeting

Shakespeare’s Unruly Women

There was a huge turnout for Talk of the Year! Dr Luke Prodromou rose to the challenge with a presentation which made me realize why he is renowned for his skills at coping with mixed ability classrooms! His talk on the eponymous bard started with a mixture of interactive questions to get us involved. He then used simple explanations to clarify complex character roles, his innate acting skills to keep the audience fully alert, colourful slides of actors and actresses playing well known Shakespearian roles to provide visual stimulus and exercised his skills at reciting.

For a brief moment I thought he was reciting too slowly but a quick glance at the audience (I was sitting at the side) told me that this was appreciated as many of our non-native English speaking members were giving affirmative head gestures! Several contacted me afterwards to say how clearly Luke spoke and what a wonderful grasp he had of his subject.

An e-mail from Sam puts it in a nutshell, “Can I just say that I've got a BA Hons Degree in English literature from University College London and have heard some pretty amazing lectures on the bard in my time, but Luke's is up there amongst them.”

A small group told me it was refreshing to have someone talk enthusiastically on a subject clearly loved, and to spread that love. Yet I am unable to summarise his talk as it was the presentation itself that inspired.

For those of you unable to get to this event I am sure Luke will be asked to repeat his master talk for another group one day and, if so, we shall let you know. Many thanks to Luke for kick-starting our new IWOG year; he has recharged the cultural batteries of many.

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