Since IWOG was established over 60 years ago, in 1949, our members have provided philanthropic support for thousands of people in crisis starting with informal nursing assistance for wartime orphans and providing visits and gifts to destitute elderly people.

Over the years we have changed to meet the needs of the time. This has mostly meant providing essential equipment and other items for Greek charities and a small number of grants for Greek students.

In the past few years it has become more difficult to raise monies at a time when more is needed! Fortunately our Christmas Bazaar, Easter Event, June Luncheon and raffles remain popular. Members come up with bright ideas to raise funds; Christa runs a nearly-new rack sale in November; Melissa organises outings for members and their friends; others help with our book table. We welcome your ideas and any voluntary time you can give however little this might be.

More recently our philanthropic work has involved a small emergency network to help members during a brief crisis. Also, we are now sponsors of the International Food Festival held in early June. We collect unwanted clothing and bedding which are donated to refugees and others in need. Some gallantly prepare and deliver meals for homeless women in collaboration with The Salvation Army who also rely on a few IWOG members to help prostitutes find proper employment. 

Of course, charity begins at home and many members volunteer their time to help our organization. This includes becoming a committee member and for a select few, Board members. Charlotte (our Chairwoman) has organised our Facebook page and she and Natasha are maintaining it. Samantha has designed our colourful website and Reba is helping to update it.

This all sounds like hard work, and at times it is, but there is a lot of team spirit and members rally round to help each other. Not all members get involved actively with welfare issues but for those who do good friendships are made and at the same time we are able to contribute to the local community.

We are a non-profit organisation, so any help we manage to give to those in need in the community is through the kindness of our souls. Our capacity to help is therefore limited, but we do try our very best. 

If you know someone who is in desperate need of help in Thessaloniki and have recognised a genuine cause, you can contact us and we will try our best to find a willing member to find time to give some temporary help during a crisis. 

IWOG Raffle
Help! Space needed for storage
Do have an unused room or area that can hold donations?
Social Medical Solidarity - Call for donations
Please bring non-perishable food and non-expired medications to our coffee meetings
Organic Farmer's Union of Northern Greece
This organisation offers its surplus fruit, veg and other produce to IWOG and, with the help of the Salvation Army, we distribute it to the poor of Thessaloniki. Find out the market's schedule here so that you can support them
Washing machine/Oven needed urgently please
Have you heard of anyone wanting to update their w/m or oven, who might be able to pass on their old one?
Large-sized clothes needed
Winter clothes size XXL are needed for a young refugee woman. Please hand them to me at the meetings or contact me on 69 45 50 75 88. Thank you. Diana.

Our philanthropic organisation is over 60 years old and supports Greek charities. Find out more about the local women and children we help, and the charities we support

Our meetings take place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 10am-12pm at Anatolia's Ingle Hall. See you there

A sneak preview of our latest edition for non-members and the chance to download the latest edition for members...

Crafts Club

December Luncheon 2021!

P.O. BOX 18279, GR 540 08 THESSALONIKI
E-mail: [email protected]


December, 2021


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