Food for Good - 2015

All those who didn't attend and savour the culinary delights offered at the 18th Food for Good festival really missed out! It was a wonderful celebration of what the concerted efforts of women from 36 countries, a group from Pontos, another from Asia Minor and last but not least the IWOG ladies could accomplish.

It was a huge success despite the clouds earlier in the day. Over 2,000 visitors tried the dishes and sweets that these praiseworthy ladies (aided of course, by their husbands and partners) had willingly and lovingly prepared over the weekend, volunteering their free time.

The IWOG table was a feast for the eyes. Thanks go to all of the members who slaved in the kitchen to support us. In threehours, we raised €11,000, which will be donated to deserving local charities.

CONGRATULATIONS LADIES! You all deserve a standing ovation. 

Our philanthropic organisation is over 60 years old and supports Greek charities. Find out more about the local women and children we help, and the charities we support

Our meetings take place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 10am-12pm at Anatolia's Ingle Hall. See you there

A sneak preview of our latest edition for non-members and the chance to download the latest edition for members...

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