who are we? IWOG is a secular, non-profit, non-political, organisation, first established in 1948 to offer philanthropic assistance to the Greek people torn by civil war. IWOG is for all women residing in Northern Greece, temporarily or permanently, with the English language as their common bond. Our membership ranges in age from 18 years and upwards.

Our members receive a monthly newsletter and an annual Membership Directory with the names and contact information of all members, plus a section of paid advertising for members’ and non-members’ local businesses.

Each year we organise fundraising events, such as our famous IWOG Fiesta every Autumn, as well as our much-loved Christmas Bazaar. 

how can I get involved? If you would like to apply for membership, please come along to our next coffee meeting and ask Sandra McMeekan at the door, our Membership chairlady, to give you a form. We also encourage all members to get involved with our activities, by joining one of our clubs. 

Award for IWOG
IWOG was recognised for its good work by the local charity, Family & Child, on International Woman's Day 2014
Christmas Bazaar 2013
Thanks to all who came to our festive event ατ Anatolia College on Sunday 1st December. Click here to see photos from the event
Disabled-Access Friendly Campaign
Read the thank you letter from this wonderful organisation which IWOG has supported throughout the year
IWOG Fiesta 2013
This year's Fiesta was a fabulous success! Click here to see photos
IWOG President promotes Fiesta on TV 100
Click here to see our president, Christa Anemoudi-Arzoglou, promote the Fiesta on LIVE TV
June 2013 Luncheon & Fashion Show
Click here to see the photos. Thanks to all the ladies who made this the best IWOG June Luncheon EVER!
Food for Good
The IWOG table was a feast for the eyes. Thanks go to all the members who slaved in the kitchen to support us. In three hours, we raised €11,000, which will be donated to deserving local charities. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES! You all deserve a standing ovation
Turn plastic bottle lids into wheelchairs
Please don't throw out your plastic bottle lids. We collect ALL bottle tops... and turn them into wheelchairs for the needy. Read more information. President Christa Anemoudi-Arzoglou reports
Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors have generously donated whatever they could towards our fundraising event
Social Medical Solidarity - Call for donations
Please bring non-perishable food and non-expired medications to our coffee meetings
Organic Farmer's Union of Northern Greece
This organisation offers its surplus fruit, veg and other produce to IWOG and, with the help of the Salvation Army, we distribute it to the poor of Thessaloniki. Find out the market's schedule here so that you can support them

Our philanthropic organisation is over 60 years old and supports Greek charities. Find out more about the local women and children we help, and the charities we support

Next meeting: Wednesday 14th May 2014 at the American Farm School

A sneak preview of our latest edition for non-members and the chance to download the latest edition for members...

Crafts Club

Turn plastic bottle lids into wheelchairs

P.O. BOX 18279, GR 540 08 THESSALONIKI
E-mail: iwogthess@gmail.com


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